This safety plan is in accordance with current government guidelines as of June the 1st, 2020 to minimize the risk of further spreading covid19 virus while providing in home makeup and hairstyling services. Updates to this plan will be made as the government guidelines change for NSW. This plan will be upheld and followed until further notice.

·         All equipment, products and surfaces will be disinfected and sanitized with products containing 70% alcohol before commencing the service, in between clients and after commencing the service of each client to ensure the best hygiene possible.

·         There will be no taking of cash from clients to pay for services. All transactions will be electronic (see below in full booking / cancellation guidelines for more).

·         Hand washing followed by sanitizing before and after providing services on each client. Also, after coughing or sneezing during the commencement of services, along with throwing out used tissues immediately.

·         Certain PPE can be requested by the client for me to wear while providing services. This includes non-latex gloves, a disposable face mask or a full face clear no splash  mask, which will be thrown out and sanitized between clients.

·         All pressed powders and crème products will be scraped out of it’s packaging with a disposable spatula and onto a disposable pallet for each client. These will be thrown out immediately along with all other disposables such as mascara wands and lip gloss applicators.

·         Social distancing must still be maintained, and therefore there will be no one other than myself and the client / talent in the designated room.

·         There will be separate sets of brushes for each client / talent placed in snap lock bags, and each set of used brushes will be placed into separate plastic bags when no longer being used.

If in the event that the client(s) comes into contact with an infected individual, has been tested and ordered to stay at home to isolate or develops any flu like symptoms (fever, dry cough, sore throat etc.) before their service date, they are required to disclose their circumstances immediately. A refund on their deposit will be granted as soon as possible.

Failure to disclose any sickness / infections for yourself or anyone else in your residence upon my arrival will result in a cancellation of your booking on the spot and your deposit will not be refunded.

Thank you.

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